What People Are Saying

Charlie has a number of well-known fans, a collection of foodie parents out there who have enjoyed reading Charlie's story to their kids! She's a lucky gal.


Amanda Hesser, Co-Founder of Food52

“In Charlie the Cook, Caroline Wright gives us a character full of pluck, and we want to cheer her on! Charlie follows her passion for cooking and finds a life she couldn’t have dreamed up – a message I hope my own kids will embrace.”


Catherine McCord, founder of Weelicious.com

Just like Charlie, having once been a little girl with dreams of my own to grow up to be a great chef, and facing years of challenges to ultimately find my story in food, I found this book to be a delicious read. But really, it’s for any young person with a dream that demands to be followed.”


Roger Mooking, chef and television personality

"I read this book to all four of my daughters one evening and they all had a good laugh at the illustrations and the familiar obsession with cooking.  A very fun read and one that will be in our rotation.”


Allison DeMarcus, television personality

My first grade daughter poured herself into this darling book! The illustrations were captivating for my preschool son who was an attentive listener. Charlie is a character we can all relate to, laugh with and enjoy. Charlie’s spunky nature sends children such a positive, uplifting and motivating message and we all aspire to achieve, no matter our age!”


Sarah Copeland, author of The Newlywed Cookbook, Feast and Saturday, Everyday

Charlie the Cook is the kind of story that sticks—it celebrates being curious, and driven toward a goal that comes from the heart—even if that goal is different than what the world expects of us. Best of all, it highlights perseverance, a trait that is always worth heralding. Every child with a dream will fall in love with Charlie, and her quest.”